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Tag: Cybercrime

Russia-Ukraine War: 3 Cyber Threat Effects, 1 Year In

A year ago, what was planned to be as a swift, focused, military invasion of Ukraine did not go according to Russian expectations. The war continues, and so do its effects on cybersecurity. Let’s focus attention on three key areas that have seen significant changes: state-sponsored activity, cybercrime, and hacktivism. Understanding their evolution will help […]

Keeping one step ahead of Black Friday cyber threats

The tail end of the calendar year represents arguably the most important period for retailers and companies working in e-commerce, with a huge amount of yearly profits determined in the penultimate two months of the year. This profit is largely generated through the two biggest online sales events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber […]

The Optus Breach: If I Could Turn Back Time

The fallout of the recent Optus breach got me thinking about a common occurrence: seller’s remorse… Most of us have experienced it. You feel like you’re getting a good deal, and then bang!  You realize you could have got more for your money if you’d only just waited that extra day. Although this might be […]

“Looking for pentesters”: How Forum Life Has Conformed to the Ransomware Ban

In mid-May 2021, the administrators of XSS and Exploit, two of the most prominent Russian-language cybercriminal forums, introduced a ban on ransomware-related content. This measure prohibited sales of ransomware variants, advertising ransomware rental schemes, and recruiting for ransomware affiliate programs. The forums also deleted historical content meeting those criteria. The site administrators feared greater scrutiny […]

What We’re Reading This Month: August 2022

Blimey, August already? This year has absolutely flown by and shows no signs of slowing down. This month has been another busy one for those in the world of Cyber Threat Intelligence. We’ve been deep diving into a new attack framework, multiple attackers targeting your network at the same time, and the impact of globalization […]

Meet DUMPS Forum: A pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia cybercriminal forum

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine has typically been met with a response of horror and condemnation across the globe, the conflict has also proven highly divisive among the world’s cybercriminal community. Opinions on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s so-called ‘special military operation’ depend on several factors, notably the cybercriminal’s background, political beliefs, or other nationalistic […]

The Boy Who Cried Ransomware: The Trustworthiness of Ransomware Groups

From data leaks to group fallouts, the trials and tribulations of ransomware collectives generate a lot of buzz in traditional media outlets and cybersecurity news platforms alike. Many of the ransomware-related scandals result from different groups making opposing claims, affiliates accusing operators of deception, or leaders making promises that ultimately prove to be worthless. For […]

What We’re Reading This Month: July 2022

Roll up roll up, it’s that time of the month again, where our team of analysts provide the articles and literary pieces that kept them burning the midnight oil. This month we’ve got a report identifying supply chain security risks, methods by which threat actors exploit your psychological biases, and of course, ransomware. Check out […]

Breach Forums – When student becomes the teacher

Back in 2015, few would have foresaw what Raid Forums would become when it was first created by a then 14-year old Portuguese citizen. Fast forward seven years and half a billion members later, its seizure by law enforcement in February 2022 had left a sizable chunk in the cybercriminal landscape. Although there were and […]