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Tag: Cloud Security

Cloud Security Best Practices To Increase Visibility Across Applications

As enterprises are accelerating the adoption of digital transformation, the attack surface is rapidly expanding into cloud and multi-cloud environments.  In order to effectively detect and respond to threats, the visibility that spans across on-premises and cloud infrastructure is a must. So, how can you increase visibility into cloud services and SaaS applications? Continue reading […]

6 Reasons to Prioritize Cloud Visibility in Your Cloud Security Strategy

As the saying goes, “You can’t protect what you can’t see.” That bit of wisdom couldn’t be more on point when you’re talking about enterprise data in the cloud, which is multiplying by leaps and bounds. It’s hard enough to keep track of on-premise data along with associated threats and attempted breaches. When you’ve offloaded […]

Comparing Security Policies for AWS, Azure, and GCP

Spending on the public cloud isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Gartner predicted that it will reach $482 billion in 2022. That’s up 21.7% from the total of $396 billion a year earlier. Cloud management and security services will grow from $25,987 million in 2021 to $29,736 million the following year. These budgets show that all […]

The Benefits and Risks of Migrating to the Cloud

The events of 2020 accelerated organizations’ cloud migration journeys. In the words of the International Data Corporation (IDC), “the abrupt and wide-ranging disruptions caused by the pandemic have forced enterprises to aggressively adopt technologies that improve their agility, responsiveness, and resilience. Cloud is one of these technologies.” The Benefits of Cloud Migration Microsoft identified five benefits that explain why organizations are migrating to the […]

Staying Secure in a Multi-Cloud World

Many organizations are now using multiple cloud environments. A 2021 survey found that most (92%) organizations use a multi-cloud strategy. That’s slightly higher than the 82% of respondents who admitted to using a hybrid cloud strategy consisting of both public and private cloud deployments in their organizations. When asked to elaborate on what their multi-cloud […]

Overcoming Five Key Challenges in the Way of Effective Security Operations

According to a recent ReliaQuest survey, enterprises continue to deploy an assortment of security technologies across the network, email, endpoint devices, and the cloud despite an overwhelming number of existing investments, yet these tools are not able to proactively defend organizations against the evolving threat landscape. While individually providing valuable security telemetry, these tools are […]

Best Practices for Monitoring and Investigating AWS Events

Cloud computing is a resource that is becoming more affordable, efficient, and widespread in today’s enterprise environments. Having a well-hardened environment will thwart most attacks on your organization’s assets and resources, but what happens when an S3 bucket that your team created years ago was misconfigured along the way and auditing of the security configuration […]