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Tag: Business Email Compromise

Law Firm Uncovers Exposed Sensitive Details About Top Attorney Online

VIPs and executives who are critical to your company and brand can be targeted by threat actors or groups who exploit their personal information to cause financial, brand or reputational damage – or even physical harm. Law firms are among the targets for this type of criminal activity as they possess sensitive data that threat […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Week 3 – Recognize Cyber Scams

This week we move onto theme three of Cyber Security Month: recognize cyber scams. The important point here is that you do not have to be technical to recognize a cyber security scam. In this blog I’ll cover some simple security practices that will make you cyber savvy in no time. What should I look […]

ShadowTalk Update – 08.13.2018

In this week’s ShadowTalk it’s all things phishing. Rose Bernard and Simon Hall join Rafael Amado to discuss the recent arrest of three alleged members of the FIN7 organized criminal group. The team look over the United States Department of Justice’s indictment, focusing on how FIN7 use social engineering and sophisticated phishing to great effect, […]

Five Threats to Financial Services: Phishing Campaigns

In our last blog, we highlighted how banking trojans are a threat to banking customers and small businesses, normally delivered via phishing emails containing malicious attachments. While phishing is a threat to businesses and individuals in all industries, attackers targeting financial services organizations often use highly-crafted social engineering tactics to make sure they hit their […]

It’s Accrual World: Tax Return Fraud in 2018

With just over a month until Tax Deadline Day, individuals are scrambling to get their tax returns submitted. This is a proven time of the year for cybercrime, and 2018 has been no exception. The Internal Revenue Service has already outlined new scams targeting consumers this year. Criminals have once again used tax themes as […]

URGENT, ACT. RQD: Navigating Business Email Compromise

Call me phishmail. Whaling ­– also known as CEO fraud and business email compromise (BEC) – is a type of scam whereby attackers spoof company executives, either by the compromise of that executive’s email account or through the use of typo-squatting (domains registered that look similar to legitimate company domains) in order to socially engineer […]