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Tag: Best Practices

Cybersecurity Bad Practices: Expanding on the CISA List

In cybersecurity, we all tend to focus on those covetable “best practices.” But what’s on the other side? The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) got the ball rolling by publishing some cybersecurity “bad practices,” especially those that relate to protecting critical infrastructure or national critical functions. Provided below are the three practices listed […]

Overcoming Five Key Challenges in the Way of Effective Security Operations

According to a recent ReliaQuest survey, enterprises continue to deploy an assortment of security technologies across the network, email, endpoint devices, and the cloud despite an overwhelming number of existing investments, yet these tools are not able to proactively defend organizations against the evolving threat landscape. While individually providing valuable security telemetry, these tools are […]

The CIS Controls – An Overview of What They Are and What’s New in Version 8

The events of 2020 accelerated many organizations’ plans for digital transformation, compelling them to adopt cloud computing and virtualization in support of remote work. It appears that those changes will last long after 2020. In April 2020, for instance, Gartner revealed that 74% of CFOs and finance leaders intended to move at least 5% of previously on-site […]

Security Automation:  Let’s amplify, not replace people 

Security teams are plagued by two interrelated challenges – lack of resources and an ever-increasing set of tools that don’t speak the same language and require sophisticated skills to manage. Stories of analysts combing through disparate data, manually collating them to discover threats and many times, ending up with false positives, only to restart the […]

Get Started with Security Automation–Tips from the Pros

“Security is a team sport…and in a game where the rules keep changing…being able to automate, you’re not only doing strategy, but you are also able to train employees around having a stronger security mindset.” Ken Westin, Director of Security Strategy at ReliaQuest In the recent webinar “Getting Started with Security Automation”, the first in […]

How to Achieve Best-in-Class Security Operations

Digital transformation, hybrid or remote work, bring you own devices, shadow IT – business transformation is anything but static and cybersecurity teams are facing the brunt of it as guardians of the enterprise. How do security teams, already hampered with budget and resource constraints, stay ahead to deliver on their risk reduction and resiliency objectives […]

How to Integrate Threat and Vulnerability Management into Security Operations

In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, with its ever-growing volume of incidents, it is remarkable to think that proactive threat and vulnerability management remains a challenge for companies to address effectively. Organizations are adopting threat exposure management techniques to manage business risks stemming from developing and applying technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, quantum […]

Best Practices for Detecting 5 Common Attacks Against Kubernetes

Container orchestration tools have risen in popularity within the past few years, especially open source tools like Kubernetes, and have enabled organizations to more efficiently deploy and manage applications. However, these tools also come with their own security risks. All tools are susceptible to misconfigurations and insider abuse, in addition to more serious vulnerabilities that […]