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Tag: AVC

Joker’s Stash’s Final Deal: A turning point for AVCs?

Back in December 2020, Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) reported that the Blockchain DNS domains for the infamous carding automated vending cart (AVC) Joker’s Stash displayed a notification that the US Department of Justice and Interpol had seized the site.  While the domains were soon back up and running, speculation abounded about the real story behind […]

Five Threats to Financial Services: Part Four, Payment Card Fraud

Payment card information is the lifeblood of the cybercriminal ecosystem. In previous blogs in this series, we’ve focused on how cybercriminals acquire customer banking information using banking trojans and phishing campaigns. However, this merely represents the initial steps that form one part of a wider payment card fraud network. This post focuses on the three […]

How Cybercriminals are using Blockchain DNS: From the Market to the .Bazar

Since the takedowns of AlphaBay and Hansa in 2017, the cybercriminal community has been incorporating alternative technologies to improve both security and trust for those conducting illicit business online. Our latest report, Seize and Desist: The State of Cybercrime in the Post-AlphaBay and Hansa Age, looks at what technologies and processes have been the most popular. […]