Staying Connected at ReliaQuest: Five Cities. Four Time Zones. One Team.

At ReliaQuest, we prioritize creating an environment where every employee feels welcomed, informed, and engaged – no matter where they live or what job they do. With offices across the US, Ireland, and UK ( and growing fast!) we take employee engagement seriously. After all, an employee who feels engaged and inspired is 125 percent more productive than their merely satisfied counterpart, according to Bain & Company’s Time. Talent. Energy.

Whether we’re working with a fully remote, in-person, or hybrid team, we take interest in understanding our employee’s interests and goals outside of work. That’s why we provide a variety of avenues to keep our team connected and engaged, no matter what city and office they call home.

Leave no doubt – communication is key

There’s a sense of comfort and ease among employees when communications are clear, accessible, and frequent, and we find utilizing various mediums for communications has helped us do just that.

 Consistent video updates

Although the stretch across time zones can create some challenges, It’s important that we communicate major company updates by rallying all ReliaQuest employees together for a Town Hall meeting over a video call during the only single hour that all ReliaQuest offices are online at the same time. On a more consistent basis,  our teams come together to share important project updates, walk through new initiatives, review product roadmaps, and more – both team-specific as well as across company functions they’re not directly working with. Complete transparency and understanding of how each group is contributing to overarching goals and initiatives is extremely beneficial to our ability to grow and scale fast and wide.

An internal social networking platform

We also make staying connected and informed easy through our company-wide social networking platform, Yammer. Here, employees have a place to engage with each other in a more personal manner – on topics ranging not just from company news and product updates, but also from health and fitness recommendations to meeting employees’ family members, both 2 and 4-legged! Yammer is also where we turn to highlight individuals going above and beyond, identifying gaps, driving new innovations, and embodying the RQ Uncommon mentality.

Within our Engagement team (yes, we have a whole team dedicated to engagement) lies a critical piece in our communication style: our trusted Video Production crew. This team produces and rotates between a variety of internal video series, which first launched in January 2018. These videos create a sense of community and familiarity across all our locations, providing our employees insight into what’s happening around the company and to the people within it – displaying various reasons our team members Say Yes to the ‘Quest.

Employee investment from day 1

At ReliaQuest, every new employee, regardless of role or seniority, comes together for a 3-day onboarding kick off to get to know each other, our culture, mission, and even philosophies around how ReliaQuest works as one cohesive team.

Our Development and Innovation teams do biweekly Demo days after each new release to share the latest and greatest functionalities in GreyMatter and here on March 19th, 6 days after ReliaQuest moved remote due to COVID-19 not a beat was missed.

Our Development and Innovation teams do biweekly product demo days after each new release to share the latest functionalities in GreyMatter – even when ReliaQuest transitioned to remote, not a beat was missed.

Historically, this first onboarding week would entail all new hires flying into Tampa, FL to attend in-person at our Corporate Headquarters. However, when a wrench was thrown in that concept due to COVID-19, our training team didn’t skip a beat in transitioning the program into a virtual setting.

Even after the first few weeks of training are over, ReliaQuest is committed to providing continuous education for all. We have courses, both live and on-demand, that cover topics such as the newest features on GreyMatter and leadership training for all levels of current or aspiring managers.

Staying engaged outside the office

While our work is collaborative and cross-functional in many ways, we recognize that there are still plenty of individuals and teams that wouldn’t ordinarily interact with one another in their day-to-day activities as well. That’s why we get our teams together – in all locations across the U.S. and Europe – out of the office on a quarterly basis for a change of scenery. Prior to COVID-19, you’d find our London Sales Reps out at the golfing range, Salt Lake City teams in a video game showdown, or our Las Vegas team members sipping some vino while channeling their artistic side. In these settings, you always learn a thing or two about others that never would have surfaced during a normal workday. While we have temporarily swapped out these in-person gatherings for virtual social events we look forward to resuming these activities again when we can!

In-person or remote, we’re all one team

The RQ Tampa team after finishing a Tough Mudder race! Odds are 90% of this group was recruited by our CISO, John Burger

The ReliaQuest Tampa team after finishing a Tough Mudder race

Our dedication to making employees feel as though they’re a part of a team isn’t for just in-office employees, though. As we grow, we must consider our fully remote and hybrid teams as well – even something as simple as a virtual happy hour with your team goes a long way. For example, our Dublin offices remain closed, but that hasn’t put a damper on our holiday spirit!

Adam Mooney, a new hire in Dublin who had never stepped foot in a ReliaQuest office, received a Halloween gift package from ReliaQuest and took to Yammer posting, “I received this unbelievable sweet box earlier on today from ReliaQuest and I am extremely grateful! It was such a nice surprise! Approaching 4 months in ReliaQuest and it has been fantastic…I am so grateful and feel extremely privileged to have the position I have in ReliaQuest and I have loved every minute of it all so far.”

Additionally, our London and Dublin teams have taken our company-wide trivia concept into a regular weekly trivia during their lunch hour. This weekly tradition has made an especially big impact to drive the feeling of togetherness while working from home for both our Dublin office employees as well as our regularly remote London Sales team.

Many of our team members have rounded themselves up over the past few years to register a ReliaQuest team in our local sports leagues, like kickball, soccer, and softball.

Dressed in Hawaiian print and fancy shoes, the product team at ReliaQuest looks forward to each Friday as a way to enjoy the last day of the work week and wear something out of the ordinary business casual dress code.

Dressed in Hawaiian print and fancy shoes, the product team at ReliaQuest looks forward to each Friday as a way to enjoy the last day of the work week and wear something out of the ordinary business casual dress code.

Our employees even take it upon themselves to start new traditions on a regular basis. Thanks to our people, we now have spirit days for University Pride and “Fresh Kick” or “Fun Shirt” Fridays and activities such as Board Game Nights and Doggie Park Days!

With our company-wide ClassPass accounts benefit, many of our employees trade in their work shoes for sneakers as they head out of the office for a group class after work. Prior to having access to a perk like ClassPass, we started with pushing health initiatives with simple ideas such as a virtual 5k’s or cycle days that our teams can participate in no matter where they’re located and report back to the team over Yammer with photos, milestones, and metrics!

As we continue to grow and expand across the globe, we’ll continue to look for more ways we can collaborate, get to know each other, and stay involved as one cohesive team.

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