Since the Digital Risk Protection market was first defined in 2017, there have been a growing number of providers and use cases that have contributed towards the growth of the industry. 

Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) (now a ReliaQuest company) was listed as a leader four years ago and, as this latest DRP research demonstrates, we continue to be the industry-leading solution. Read on to see why we were once more listed top of the pack!

SPARK Matrix: Digital Risk Protection, 2022

For many years it has been pretty clear that the continued push towards digital transformation has led to a new set of risks–digital risks. Providers of Digital Risk Protection, the report states:

 “protect organizations from cyber threats by identifying and eliminating attacks in real-time across the organizations’ digital-facing assets, including social media channels, IoT devices, and even third-party vendors exposed to various forms of digital threats”.

The need to manage this new set of digital risks has been furthered by a significant increase in remote working and burgeoning ransomware attacks.

The report analyzed 12 different characteristics, which focussed on the technology and the customer impact. Of 19 technologies identified in the report, Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) scored highest for both Technology Excellence and Customer Impact. 

Breadth of Use Cases Important

Several years ago, many organizations sought to manage digital risks with a myriad of point solutions that covered specific areas of digital risk, such as social media, dark web, or infrastructure. However, customers are now demanding this breadth of coverage from individual providers as they seek to reduce the number of vendors they work with.

This trend is also referenced in the SPARK, stating that DRP providers are “increasingly supporting multiple use cases including domain monitoring, brand protection, account take over (ATO Protection), social media protection, data leak detection, cyber threat intelligence, mobile risk detection, executive protection, third-party risk detection, and such others” 

Saving Teams Time and Resources

We spend a lot of time thinking of ways to save our customers time and make the time they have more effective, and I’m really pleased to see this recognized in this report. It  states that Digital Shadow’s Search Light (now ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP) “helps minimize the time to value for the company’s clients, thereby helping to reduce false positives faster and optimizing time and resources effectively.” The report goes on to describe the “automated response feature that helps save time spent on individual triage and investigating every alert”.

Read the report for yourself

I’m proud that Digital Shadows SearchLight (now ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP)™ (ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP) continues to be recognized for the way in which we serve our customers – saving them time responding to risks across the broadest set of use cases. 

While this was a very quick overview of the SPARK matrix on Digital Risk Protection, you can access the full report here.