At ReliaQuest, we celebrate those who “make it possible” and embody our high-performance, entrepreneurial mindset by tackling challenges in our community. Our partnership with Embarc Collective, Florida’s fastest-growing and largest startup hub, exemplifies this commitment. Embarc supports 150 tech and tech-enabled startups by providing educational programs for dedicated entrepreneurs and investors.

ReliaQuest Founder and CEO Brian Murphy began serving as chair of the Board of Directors of Embarc in 2021. As a mentor to other startup entrepreneurs, Murphy’s knowledge and experience offer a unique perspective to the board.

ReliaQuest supports various events and programs at Embarc, aimed at bringing entrepreneurs together, facilitating effective learning environments, and building valuable connections. One key example is the sponsorship of Embarc Collective’s Glaring Gap Summit, an annual training program that educates women at all career stages—from college students to accredited investors—about startup investing. Since the event began four years ago, over 200 women have become accredited startup investors.

Most recently, in May 2024, ReliaQuest hosted the final day of Leadership Tampa Bay’s annual leadership development program, Tech Day, at the ReliaQuest Auditorium in the Embarc facility. Leadership Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization dedicated to leadership development and bridging the gap between various industries in the Tampa Bay region.


ReliaQuest President of Field Operations, Colin O’Connor, served as a keynote speaker. He shared his insights on how community members can support the startup ecosystem, drawing from his experience in helping build up ReliaQuest. He noted, “We have been so focused on getting our community to a place where we can help other organizations grow. It takes people who are willing to go in and understand the business. Embarc has been a great example of taking the time to understand what a company is doing and why it matters.”

Embarc stands out in its ability to bring in entrepreneurs and foster their growth. Much like in cybersecurity, entrepreneurship requires a proactive approach to making quick, calculated decisions. At ReliaQuest, we believe the right attitude, effort and energy is more important than any technical skill. While each success story is unique, we believe all tech startups achieve more with a supportive community behind them. Through our partnership with Embarc, we provide resources to support the growth of startup businesses, while also investing in the future of tech to continuously make security possible.