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ReliaQuest Joins Forces With Threatcare

This morning, ReliaQuest made an exciting and, for us, a first-of-its-kind announcement. We are acquiring the Austin-based leader in proactive cyber defense, Threatcare. You can read the press release here.

Bringing Threatcare into the ReliaQuest family adds a market-leading technology that will integrate into – and enhance the power of – the GreyMatter SaaS security platform by increasing the quality and efficacy of its automated detection and response capabilities.

What is the problem we will solve together for enterprises? CISOs and their teams have put in place multiple tools and controls, but have no way of knowing if they work as expected until an attack happens and they see it or not. With Threatcare, GreyMatter customers will have the benefit of attack simulations that validate controls, content, and workflows instantly, enabling proactive improvement of security programs.

The power of Threatcare comes from much more than its technology. It possesses an uncommonly talented team, led by Marcus J Carey.  Marcus is renowned in the cybersecurity industry and has spent his more than 20-year career working in penetration testing, incident response, and digital forensics with federal agencies such as NSA, DC3, DIA, and DARPA.

We immediately connected with Marcus and his Threatcare team about the shared vision for GreyMatter, the industry’s first SaaS security platform to increase security confidence, as well as the values that it takes to build a historic company. We couldn’t be more excited to embark on that journey together.

Ready to learn more about how to proactively identify risk and close gaps? Get the white paper on continuous attack simulations.


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