ReliaQuest GreyMatter Launch: The Centerpiece of An Impactful Week at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019

While ReliaQuest has attended and exhibited at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit for the last four years, the 2019 Summit held special significance to us due to a major company announcement planned for the event’s second full day: a first-of-its-kind platform to deliver on the vision of Security Model Management.

Here’s a recap from ReliaQuest’s week at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019:

A Big “Step” in ReliaQuest History: Introducing GreyMatter

We saw first-hand that Summit attendees couldn’t help but notice the ReliaQuest staircase as they made their way into and out of the big event. The staircase featured an introduction to ReliaQuest’s new solution, GreyMatter, which the company formally announced on June 18th. ReliaQuest GreyMatter, the first SaaS security platform, delivers security confidence. ReliaQuest helps organizations gain greater visibility across SIEM, EDR, multi-cloud and hybrid environments—regardless of vendor or data location–to speed detection and response, and leverage validated content and benchmarking to continuously improve the effectiveness of all their security investments.

Bringing GreyMatter to Life, One Demo At A Time

ReliaQuest’s booth served as GreyMatter central for the duration of the Summit. Attendees visited throughout the week to watch demos and ask questions, eager to hear how ReliaQuest GreyMatter could positively impact their organizations.

In addition, we believe our presence provided a great setting for ReliaQuest to demonstrate first-hand the added value our partner relationships can bring to customers.

Taking the Stage to Help Cybersecurity Leaders Improve Threat Detection

ReliaQuest’s CTO, Joe Partlow, spoke on Tuesday afternoon to a room full of enterprise security leaders. He explained how it’s common for an enterprise to only have visibility into 60% of its security environment, and even then, it’s often at a minimal level. Partlow’s speaking session, titled “High-Impact Strategies to Close the Visibility Gap in Security,” warned security leaders that as security threats continue to multiply, their threat detection and response capabilities can fragment. His presentation covered several practical strategies to overcome these challenges and improve threat detection and response. These included encouraging security teams to ensure they are logging from all of their systems and applications, including those that are cloud-based. Partlow also recommended regularly testing SIEM content and environment vulnerabilities, so organizations can ensure they’re detecting everything they need to see.

To see how GreyMatter can improve visibility while automating detection and response, Contact us to Request A Demo.

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