In August, we shared the exciting news that we had completed the first phase of bringing Digital Shadows SearchLight threat insights and intelligence data into the ReliaQuest GreyMatter security operations platform.

We are now excited to announce that we have completed the next phase of the process and have launched GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection (DRP). By continually monitoring open, deep, and dark web sources to isolate legitimate threats and provide quick and easy remediation, GreyMatter DRP provides a unique view of security threats outside of the organization. If a risk is detected, GreyMatter DRP customers receive context-rich alerts with clear response steps via the GreyMatter alert process and workflow, including alert assignment, automated actions, and mitigation recommendations. GreyMatter DRP alerts enable us to provide a powerful 360-degree view of threat intelligence (outside in and inside out) all in one workflow.

GreyMatter DRP helps:

  • Protect online brands against impersonation
  • Prevent data loss and exposed credentials
  • Reduce attack surface threats

Current ReliaQuest customers now have access to GreyMatter DRP as an add-on service.

Capabilities of GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection

Brand Protection

Protecting the integrity of a business’s brand is critical to its success. Some bad actors use nefarious means to take advantage of a brand’s good reputation in order to defraud victims, thereby sullying the real brand’s value in the eyes of the marketplace. And these impersonations are getting more successful for attackers and harder to spot by victims.

ReliaQuest is here to help brands face the challenge. With GreyMatter DRP, you can constantly be on the alert for things like:

  • Impersonating domains
  • Phishing sites
  • Spoof social media profiles
  • Spoof mobile apps

You’ll get instant alerts as well as recommendations for remediation. Optionally, GreyMatter DRP users can make use of our Managed Takedown service, which provides end-to-end management of takedown requests, from identification to verification.

Data Loss Prevention

There are all kinds of criminal forums out there that deal in data—that of individuals and that of organizations. Information like passwords, PII, legal and employee details, and other sensitive documentation can be used to open a breach that costs millions.

GreyMatter DRP increases visibility by monitoring the broadest range of open, deep, and dark web sources, including technical and closed sources, to prevent data loss. GreyMatter DRP monitors for:

  • Exposed access keys
  • Unauthorized code commit
  • Leaked sensitive technology
  • Leaked sensitive code
  • Marked documents
  • Customer details
  • Employee credentials

Attack Surface Monitoring

Attackers are constantly testing the boundaries of your infrastructure, looking for weaknesses—open ports, outdated software, or expiring certificates. With GreyMatter DRP, you can stay ahead of the threats thereby reducing the risk to your organization.

GreyMatter DRP identifies:

  • Exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Certificate issues
  • Open ports
  • Misconfigured devices

Dark Web Monitoring

Criminal marketplaces operate on the dark web and sell data, fraudulent or stolen goods, credentials, and even toolkits that enable quick and easy attacks on organizations and individuals. GreyMatter DRP increases your visibility by monitoring these marketplaces for you, alerting you when it detects:

  • Sale of unauthorized goods
  • An association with malware
  • Evidence of credential access
  • Evidence of resource development

Threat Intelligence Repository

GreyMatter DRP customers have unlimited access to the SearchLight Intelligence Repository, which includes intelligence updates, actor profiles, MITRE techniques, and a vulnerability intelligence module. The vulnerability intelligence module increases your visibility, allowing you to prioritize vulnerabilities, enabling users to quickly identify which vulnerabilities to respond to first. With intuitive filters built into the dashboard, users can search for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), Common Platform Enumerations (CPEs), product families, and vulnerability aliases to get intelligence on specific areas of interest.

How to Learn More

Current customers can reach out to their customer success manager for more information on GreyMatter DRP.

Are you looking for more detail? Check out our solution brief or contact us for more information.