Today we announced that SecureLink, one of Europe’s most respected independent cybersecurity and managed service providers, has partnered with Digital Shadows to launch SecureDetect Intelligence. This is a significant step for both parties and underlines the close partnership we’ve developed with SecureLink across Europe. This partnership is driven by the recognition that together we can help companies overcome the increasingly varied and damaging threats that occur online as they become more reliant on cloud, social, and mobile platforms.

The challenge we see is that firms are now facing a huge amount of unwanted exposure of their assets; their files, code, customer, and employee details no longer inside the perimeter of the client. Threat actors know this, and actively seek to exploit this exposure as part of their campaigns. However, organizations often have no way of controlling, measuring, and managing this risk.

What we’ve done with SecureLink is to bring together our market-leading SearchLight platform and enrich it with further security intelligence, detection, and response expertise from the SecureLink cyber defence centre and consulting teams around Europe. The outcome is a more end-to-end managed detection and response service around digital risk protection.

SecureLink works with more than 2,000 companies across Europe and have gained the trust of these companies to protect their network and perimeter. Now SecureLink can take this one step further and help clients with risks beyond the perimeter and help these clients better respond to emerging threats.

From a very early stage it was clear that the Digital Shadows and SecureLink teams had the same philosophy about the value of threat intelligence and what good intelligence actually ‘looks’ like. In particular, both companies share the view that a complete picture can only be provided for our customers using a combination of traditional threat intelligence and information gathered from beyond the client perimeter.

SecureLink went through a long and exhaustive process of selecting potential vendors and put us through some vigorous comparative product testing. We’re pleased to say that Digital Shadows was able to consistently find more incident data than other suppliers. Equally importantly, the information we gave them was the most relevant and had the fewest false positives  – empowering the SecureLink security team with the best chance to focus on prioritizing incident response and remediation for its clients.

We firmly believe that today that SecureLink and Digital Shadows are providing the industry’s best cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection as-a-service and we’re pleased that it will be immediately available to enterprises across Europe.

Listen to the podcast from SecureLink and request more information here.