Introducing GreyMatter

Combining Technology, Ongoing Enablement and Analytics to Improve the Performance of Enterprise Security Models

By: Brian Murphy, CEO & Founder

Since founding ReliaQuest in 2007, it’s been my goal to find solutions to problems that our clients face on both a company and an industry level. That’s why we always say, “Make Security Possible” and “Security is a Team Sport.” But our landscape is constantly changing – and changing fast. This morning, ReliaQuest announced a new solution, GreyMatter, that was built to ensure our customers stay ahead of threats and successfully evolve their security models in the face of some of the biggest changes we’ve seen to date.

More than ever, security teams are struggling to draw actionable insights out of increasingly complex environments. The number of available tools – SIEM, EDR, SOAR, UEBA and more – continues to multiply, adding firepower but also overwhelming many large enterprises with data silos and too many alerts.

Enter ReliaQuest GreyMatter, a first-of-its-kind solution. It connects the different technologies, processes and teams that enterprises have in place today, unifying data and improving visibility and response. By integrating disparate technologies, including SIEM, EDR, multi-cloud, and third-party applications, GreyMatter provides centralized visibility, transparency and faster response across an environment. As a result, enterprise security teams can improve threat detection by 4X in less than 90 days and reduce total cost of technology ownership by 35%.

We built the GreyMatter platform with the goal of increasing visibility and automating detection and response, serving as a force multiplier for our customers’ security teams. ReliaQuest understands that a security team’s strategy must deliver consistency while constantly evolving to support the business, and we’re committed to providing the technologies, ongoing enablement, and analytics that our customers need to achieve that difficult balance.

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