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Kevin Kaminski

Kevin Kaminski

Kevin Kaminski is currently a Threat Intelligence Engineer at ReliaQuest. He has worked in the security operations space for eight years and worn many different hats throughout the SOC. He has experience in analysis and many different logging platforms, and specializes in threat detection, research, and content development. Kevin works with companies to optimize their logging infrastructure and platforms to improve their security posture and response to threats.

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Top 3 Techniques for Improving Your Threat Intelligence Alerting

Threat intelligence is invaluable for any organization; the ability to leverage the security community’s combined knowledge of threats can take an organization’s security program to the next level. This shared information usually takes the form of indicators of compromise (IOCs), which can be IP addresses, domains, hashes, or other data types related to a threat. […]

Mining for Better Threat Intelligence: Cryptominer Pools

Cryptomining has become a popular method for attackers to profit from compromised systems. By installing cryptocurrency mining software on a host, attackers can utilize the host’s CPU and GPU resources to “mine” cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for non-digital currency or used for purchases. The attack has become so prevalent, it has earned its […]

Best Practices for Detecting 5 Common Attacks Against Kubernetes

Container orchestration tools have risen in popularity within the past few years, especially open source tools like Kubernetes, and have enabled organizations to more efficiently deploy and manage applications. However, these tools also come with their own security risks. All tools are susceptible to misconfigurations and insider abuse, in addition to more serious vulnerabilities that […]