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Abby Thurman

Abby brings 5 years’ experience in the tech and SaaS industry to her role as content marketing strategist for ReliaQuest. Based in Salt Lake City, she graduated with a degree in English from the University of Utah, and when she’s not working, she’s usually reading, cooking, or hanging out with her husband and pets.

Author's Posts

What Does It Take to Become a SOC Analyst?

Chris Weckerly, VP of Incident Response SOC analysts (SOC stands for “security operations center”) are a key part of any security organization, including ours here at ReliaQuest. We’ve seen a lot of questions floating around the internet lately about what SOC analysts do, how to become a SOC analyst, and whether you need experience to […]

Customer Spotlight: Kevin Anderson, Cyber Defense Manager, Associated Bank

When Kevin Anderson, Cyber Security Manager, joined Associated Bank in 2014, security consisted of a team of engineers who were responsible for multiple duties. With evolving security threats increasing, Associated Bank took the initiative and grew the department significantly, adding additional functions and skills. Associated Bank has built a model for attracting and retaining top […]

When to Go Beyond Traditional MDR

Are traditional managed detection and response services (MDRs) enough, or should you go further? How do you know whether MDR can or can’t meet your enterprise needs? To find out, let’s investigate the limitations of traditional MDR solutions. The Shortcomings of Traditional MDRs Managed detection and response (MDR) is the outsourcing of your security needs […]

The Benefits and Risks of Migrating to the Cloud

The events of 2020 accelerated organizations’ cloud migration journeys. In the words of the International Data Corporation (IDC), “the abrupt and wide-ranging disruptions caused by the pandemic have forced enterprises to aggressively adopt technologies that improve their agility, responsiveness, and resilience. Cloud is one of these technologies.” The Benefits of Cloud Migration Microsoft identified five benefits that explain why organizations are migrating to the […]

Top findings of Forrester TEI report on ReliaQuest

The ultimate question when considering a big business purchase (or any purchase, really): Is this going to be worth the cost and effort? Recently, ReliaQuest commissioned a Forrester® Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to find out exactly what the financial and operational impact adopting the ReliaQuest Open-XDR-as-a-Service platform can have on a business. Using Forrester’s […]

What Is Breach and Attack Simulation?

Breach and attack simulation is a way for organizations to test the efficacy of their security controls. This article will explore three common types of attack simulations and where these approaches can fall short. Common Attack Simulations Tabletop Exercises A tabletop exercise (TTX) simulates an actual crisis. It is a security incident preparedness activity that […]

Cybersecurity Bad Practices: Expanding on the CISA List

In cybersecurity, we all tend to focus on those covetable “best practices.” But what’s on the other side? The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) got the ball rolling by publishing some cybersecurity “bad practices,” especially those that relate to protecting critical infrastructure or national critical functions. Provided below are the three practices listed […]