It’s not long until this year’s RSA Conference, and Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) will be in full force, with some of us giving talks.

To kick things off on Tuesday, Rick Holland, our new VP of Strategy, will discuss the latest trends and directions in Endpoint Detection and Response technologies. This panel discussion will look at next-generation endpoint security technologies and how they can help to address the lack of continuous visibility and rapid response functionality that organizations are missing with existing technologies

On Wednesday, Will Gragido, our Head of Threat Intelligence Research, will be joining Vincente Diaz in a look at the current and future state of cyber espionage and how we can prepare.

On the same day Jennifer Leggio, SVP of Marketing, will be analyzing the inner workings of the hacker marketing model, and what this means for defenders and vendors.  Historically, security vendors, researchers, and marketers have raced to publicize their analysis and discoveries, to demonstrate prowess to the market and buyers.  But now attacker groups are mimicking this approach.

Finally, our Special Advisor, David Porter, will be taking a fresh look at how we understand risk. When assessing accidental cyber-exposure, we should be striving to understand why things normally succeed, not why they sometimes go wrong. Find our more here.


Date Time Speaker Talk
Tue 1 3.30pm Rick Holland Detection, Prevention and Response Strategy: The Return of the Endpoint
Wed 2 9.10am Will Gragido The Dark Web and Cyberespionage: Fact, Fiction and Future
Wed 2 9.10am Jennifer Leggio Hacker Marketing Strategy: How Cybercriminals Promote for Press and Profit
Thur 3 8.00am David Porter Preventing Cyber-Exposure: You Say Criminal, I Say Intractable

If you can’t make these talks but still want to get involved then pay us a visit at booth number 4808 or request an individual meeting. You can find out about everything we’ll be doing on our RSA hub page.

We look forward to seeing you at RSA!