Every day cyber security professionals are bombarded with marketing messages from 3,000+ security vendors. It’s a cacophony of catchy tag lines and scary stats to convince you why you need what they are selling. And it’s not working.

Vendors are forgetting the first and most important pain point security people have – their shortage of time. There’s not enough time to put out all the fires, keep the alert volumes down, integrate the latest technology, and respond to your leadership teams’ emails – much less listen to a vendor drone on about their solution.

That’s why Digital Shadows created SearchLight Test Drive. We at Digital Shadows know that companies need to focus on their external digital risk. We see daily instances of exposure, both malicious and inadvertent, that put our customers in serious danger of breaches, reputational damage, or regulatory fines.


Profile of an Average Organization’s External Exposure

profile of an organizations external exposure

But digital risk looks different for every organization. What is important to a large multi-national bank looks a lot different than what is important to a luxury retailer. So instead of painting a generic, marketing-fluff-filled picture of risk and why you should be paying attention – we figured we would let you see for yourself.

Introducing Test Drive

With SearchLight Test Drive you are now able to get free access to the #1 solution for digital risk for 7 days including:

1. A wide sampling of incidents that showcase what we find for clients every day including:

a. Domain infringement

b. Exposed credentials

c. Data exposure

d. Infrastructure vulnerabilities

2. Real-time use of Shadow Search

a. Search criminal forums and dark web pages for threat actor handles

b. Observe discussions between fraudsters on Telegram and IRC channels

c. Gain context on phishing sites and IOCs, with access to bulk WHOIS information, threat feeds and finished intelligence reporting.

3. Access to our complete Intelligence library where we profile threat actors, campaigns, and TTPs

4. Live chat with our analysts who can help you navigate and understand what your external exposure looks like

Ultimately, we know that if anyone understands the importance of protecting your company from external threats – it’s you – and we are here to help you understand what those threats look like. We surveyed our initial beta users and found that over 90% of users took action to better understand their external risk following their Test Drive based on the information they found.

Test Drive stat


We invite you to explore SearchLight today and get a sense for the type of exposure that is out there you could be missing.

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