This week, Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) will turn five years old. Over this time, our product and engineering teams have continually worked with our clients to help better understand the risks that lie in their Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest), as well as their attackers’ tactics, techniques and motivations. By viewing their organization from the perspective of an attacker, our clients gain cyber situational awareness.

Today, we’re pleased to announce new capabilities that provide even greater cyber situational awareness for our clients. These include credential compromise, identification of typosquatting domains and, as part of our expanded professional services offering, Topical Research Reports.

It has never been more important to detect, verify and mitigate instances of data breaches as quickly as possible. Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest) SearchLight (now ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection) already monitors for instances of credential compromise, but our new breach database allows our in-house analysts to quickly verify the uniqueness of the breach so that our clients can make more informed decisions.

SearchLight also now monitors for domains similar to a client’s with its typosquatting feature. By quickly detecting these domains and providing the context behind it, clients can mitigate the effects of online fraud and sophisticated phishing campaigns

Aside from SearchLight’s new features, the expansion of professional services offerings is particularly exciting. Topical Research Reports provide organizations with in-depth strategic assessments of the threats they care about. These are a great way of enabling our clients to benefit from the wealth of experience and skills we have here at Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest).

All of these new capabilities further enable our customers to quickly identify online threats and gain increased insight and context to better prevent, detect and contain cyber related threats. In short, they allow us to continue to provide our clients with the intelligence and incidents they truly care about, in a quicker, more defined fashion.

We’re happy to show you what might be exposed through your digital shadow. You can learn more in the press release, or request a demo from our technical team.