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Mining for Better Threat Intelligence: Cryptominer Pools

Cryptomining has become a popular method for attackers to profit from compromised systems. By installing cryptocurrency mining software on a host, attackers can utilize the host’s CPU and GPU resources to “mine” cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for non-digital currency or used for purchases. The attack has become so prevalent, it has earned its […]

3 Security Metrics that Matter Most to Boards

Editor’s note: We’ve published a new list of board-ready security metrics for 2022. Imagine the United Nations General Assembly with no translators – and people speaking dozens of different languages. That’s what it can be like when security teams and board members share metrics and data. The communications gap leaves many CISOs struggling to explain […]

Best Practices for Increasing Visibility Across Cloud and SaaS Applications

As enterprises are accelerating the adoption of digital transformation, the attack surface is rapidly expanding into cloud and multi-cloud environments.  In order to effectively detect and respond to threats, visibility that spans across on-premises and cloud infrastructure is a must.  How can you gain visibility into cloud and SaaS applications? 1. Explore new solutions to […]

Three Tips from ReliaQuest’s Experts on Preparing Your SOC to Secure Your Remote Workforce

As more workforces have shifted to work-from-home models, bad actors are taking advantage of new vulnerabilities within organizations. Enterprises must adapt their security programs to effectively detect and respond to these new threats. In the second webinar in our series on securing remote workforces, ReliaQuest Director of Threat Management, Casey Martin, moderates a panel of […]