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A Defense Approach to Mitigating Phishing Attacks

Purpose-built security tools are designed to solve for the ever-evolving threat landscape led by APTs, Nation-States, and Hacktivists, but is your organization accounting for the internal threats posed by your authorized users? Most phishing attacks require help from the end user to be successful Source: Peter Broelman The latest Verizon Annual Data Breach Investigations Report […]

CISOs, Are You Prepared to Answer These Questions in Your Next Board Meeting?

One of the greatest challenges in maturing security programs stems from difficulty showing ROI on your security investments and communicating your security posture and effectiveness in a way that makes sense at the board-level. If you start talking about the number of events per second, firewalls blocked, or MTTR, eyes will start to glaze over […]

Looking to Add a Cloud Provider SIEM to Your Existing SIEM Strategy? Consider These 5 Factors to Maximize Cost Savings and Detection Capabilities

As organizations look to embrace the cloud for more of their daily workloads, they’re faced with the challenge of how best to maintain visibility across their rapidly evolving environment and keep a handle on their security posture. Many cloud providers now provide their own SIEM offerings and entice you to make the switch from your […]

Proactive Practices to Mitigate the Misuse of Service Accounts

Service accounts, by design, are created to perform specific tasks for services running on endpoints. Depending on the service and how the service account is configured, service accounts can have a range of different privilege levels. Malicious actors understand that service accounts typically have higher privileges than normal user accounts, and often target these accounts […]

EDR Tools: Getting the Most Value Out Of Carbon Black EDR

Updated May 2021 DR solutions offer security tools that serve an integral part of an enterprise’s security posture and without them, an environment is left with many blind spots. That is why so many companies will invest in a reputable Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution such as VMware Carbon Black, SentinelOne, or Crowdstrike. Unfortunately, these […]

Insider Threat: Top 3 Indicators of Data Exfiltration from Your Organization’s Cloud Applications

We usually expect attackers to come from outside of the organization. However, imagine that you now received word of sensitive data about your organization being discovered out in the wild. There was never an external entity accessing any critical systems or data shares. Yes, the attack originated from an employee of your organization. Could you […]

How to Stand Out in Your Cybersecurity Job Interview, as Told by ReliaQuest Lead Recruiter Brittany McKie

Job interviews can be a significant source of stress, whether you’re just starting your career in the cybersecurity industry, or you’re a seasoned expert looking for a new opportunity.  For many job seekers, the pandemic has created an additional layer of uncertainty in how to approach the process.  But with some preparation and an understanding of […]