New eBook: Best-in-Class Security Operations and What it Takes to Get There

Erin Sweeney

Erin Sweeney believes ReliaQuest GreyMatter is for security analysts what Cerebro is for Professor X. All seeing and all knowing to solve security's hardest problems and make Open XDR-as-a-Service real, not just hype.
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Get Started with Security Automation–Tips from the Pros

“Security is a team sport…and in a game where the rules keep changing…being able to automate, you’re not only doing strategy, but you are also able to train employees around having a stronger security mindset.” Ken Westin, Director of Security Strategy at ReliaQuest In the recent webinar “Getting Started with Security Automation”, the first in […]

Solving Three Major Security Challenges with One Newly Patented Technology

The Promise of Open XDR becomes Possible with Newly Awarded Patent We’re already overwhelmed by XDR, right? [XDR=eXtended or cross-platform Detection and Response] A new vendor-led buzzword craze without any real substance. How is this different from SIEM or EDR or UBA or SOAR? With everyone XDR-washing, it’s not. Especially when there seems to be […]

How We Got Here: Will Open XDR Finally Unify Our Security Environment?

Updated June 2021 The hype cycle around XDR (cross-platform detection and response) is in full swing. But the problems it promises to solve and the outcomes security analysts are looking for are nothing new.   It started with security information and event management (SIEM). We needed a better way to aggregate and search our security data to run effective […]

With WFH Sorted, These 19 CISOs Share Next Priorities

At this point, most organizations have successfully transitioned employees to work remotely, re-baselined normal and are getting back to security as usual if not business as usual. The group of 19 CISOs we convened earlier this week shared the positive outcomes they are seeing, and today we’ll talk more about how the crisis shines a light on […]