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New IDG and ReliaQuest Research Finds Many Security Teams at a Critical Tipping Point with “Security Tech Sprawl”

An increasing attack surface promoted by a dynamic enterprise IT environment has had security teams facing more cyber threats and searching for more ways to combat them. However, having an array of security tools doesn’t necessarily make an enterprise more secure. In fact, new research from IDG and ReliaQuest suggests that “tool sprawl” or “tech […]

ReliaQuest Named “Security Software Company of the Year” in 17th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®

I’m excited to share that ReliaQuest was named “Security Software Company of the Year” in the 17th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® . This award further validates the need for a unified SaaS-based threat detection, investigation, and response platform like GreyMatter that provides CISOs with assurance to advise the business and ensure resilience. Our open […]

Security Alert Fatigue? False Positives? Common Problems in Threat Detection And How to Fix Them

If your team is suffering from security alert fatigue, too many false positives, and an overall reactive posture, you’re not alone. Organizations are continuing to invest in a growing suite of cyber security tools, complicating security operations, overwhelming teams, and negatively impacting threat detection. According to a 451 Research Report, 43% of enterprises are unable to act […]

Build a Cyber Threat Hunting Plan With This Step-by-Step Process

Do you and your team want to start proactively threat hunting in your environment? If so, it’s time to dive into the threat hunting steps below, starting with performing research on what you want to hunt for before digging into the data. It can be tempting for security teams to want to dive right in without a […]

Threat Hunting Use Case: Malware & Antivirus

Antivirus (AV) is one of the most fundamental tools that an organization can deploy to provide security to their organization.  A typical antivirus solution primarily uses signature–based detections for identifying threats on a system which may not catch the most advanced threats, but it is still helpful in detecting some commodity malware and hacking tools. […]

Best Practices for Monitoring and Investigating AWS Events

Cloud computing is a resource that is becoming more affordable, efficient, and widespread in today’s enterprise environments. Having a well-hardened environment will thwart most attacks on your organization’s assets and resources, but what happens when an S3 bucket that your team created years ago was misconfigured along the way and auditing of the security configuration […]

ReliaQuest’s Experts Weigh In: 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

This past year has certainly thrown some curveballs at security professionals.  With new threats tied to current events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States presidential election, organizations have had to re-evaluate their security strategies and shift priorities, and this new focus will undoubtedly carry into the new year.  Perhaps the greatest reveal that […]