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Abby Thurman

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Cybersecurity Bad Practices: Expanding on the CISA List

In cybersecurity, we all tend to focus on those covetable “best practices.” But what’s on the other side? The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) got the ball rolling by publishing some cybersecurity “bad practices,” especially those that relate to protecting critical infrastructure or national critical functions. Provided below are the three practices listed […]

Security Leaders in Europe Turn to Automation to Address Complexity: Survey

ReliaQuest, in partnership with the Information Security Media Group (ISMG), has released a survey of more than 200 cybersecurity professionals in Europe titled “2021 EMEA cybersecurity complexity study: How can you streamline your time to response?” The good news is: asked how they rate their organisation’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to today’s cybersecurity […]

ReliaQuest 2021 Security Leader Survey: Top Findings

ReliaQuest, in partnership with Ponemon Research, just released the results of a survey unveiling the priorities, concerns, and challenges of security operations teams. In the survey, we asked over 1,000 security leaders in the United States and the United Kingdom about how they approach security priorities in the face of today’s dynamic IT environment, the […]

Using TweetDeck for Threat Hunting

Keeping Up on Endless IoCs with TweetDeck Keeping up on the latest news is never an easy task. With endless newsletters, feeds, and social media to keep track of, it can be a daunting task. To help with streamlining information security feeds, I’ve recently turned to TweetDeck, a very useful feature of Twitter. TweetDeck offers […]