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We Believe Security is a Team Sport

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ReliaQuest Empowers Security Teams to do More With Less

But we don't just build technology and drop it on your doorstep. By blending a cloud-native Open XDR platform with engineering, threat detection, threat analysis and incident response capabilities, we operationalize your tools and empower your security team. This is a collaborative partnership: Together, we're committed to maturing your security program and achieving ROI across your security investments.

Our mission is to make security possible. It may not seem aspirational enough, but when you think about the complex arrangements of security toolsets, business applications, the changing landscape and staffing shortages…tackling security feels daunting. But combining the power of technology–the GreyMatter cloud-native Open XDR platform, with people-powered security expertise,  our customers have increased visibility, confidently automate across the security lifecycle, and effectively measure and manage risk for continuous improvement.

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Building the Best Platform for Security Confidence.

Our team has felt the pain of pivoting among too many security tools, not trusting the data to detect active threats or automate responses, and inconsistent measurement of security posture. ReliaQuest GreyMatter was initially built to create efficiencies for our customers, some of the largest and most prominent enterprises worldwide. We deliver on our mission daily to help you secure what matters most to your business.

A Mindset Like No Other in the Industry.

Many companies tout their cultures; at ReliaQuest, we share a mindset. We focus on four values every day to make security possible: being accountable, helpful, adaptable, and focused. These values drive development of our platform, relationships with our customers and partners, and further the ReliaQuest promise of security confidence across our customers and our own teams.

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Investing in the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Leaders for the Good of All.

In cybersecurity, you often hear of a talent gap where there are more jobs than talent to fill them. Rather than focus on the problem, ReliaQuest has pioneered solutions. We are committed to partnering with high-impact organizations that expose the next generation to the benefits of careers in cybersecurity, from grade school through university level. Whether that’s learning how cybersecurity impacts their daily life to envisioning their future career or receiving hands-on, intensive training in a lab – we want to help the next generation think differently about what is possible for their futures. Our partners work with us on innovative, first-of-their-kind programs to do just that.

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